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Think of us like your internet provider; we don't own the wires and cables, we just own the signal. As an independent energy provider, we source clean energy from local solar and wind farms, and work in partnership with your local utility to deliver that power to you. We source the energy, the utility delivers it, and you power your business.

Not just for the big guys

Big tech companies have the resources and know-how to navigate the clean energy industry themselves - most other businesses don't. At Shift, we think access to real, affordable clean energy should be available to all businesses, big and not-yet-so-big.

Buy real clean energy

Renewable offsets and credits are good, but buying real clean energy is better. With Shift, you purchase clean energy sourced from real operating wind and solar farms. Unlike credits or offsets, the clean energy you purchase can never be reused or claimed by anyone else.

Control your energy costs

Utility prices continue to rise while wind and solar costs keep falling. Make powering your business a competitive advantage rather than just a cost of doing business. Our pricing is competitive, transparent, and fixed — so there are no surprises.

Do good business

You bring your values to every other part of your business. Now you can make a values-driven choice about how you power your business while supporting the continued development of local solar and wind energy resources. Your customers will thank you.

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Think beyond the utility

Flip the script on the utility and exercise your energy choice.

Independent Supplier Your Utility
Real clean power
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
Fixed, transparent pricing
Customer focused
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About Us

We know there are many barriers for businesses to go solar: limited roof space, no owned roof space at all, or prohibitive costs. Thanks to retail electricity markets, we can now offer another option — procuring clean energy directly from offsite systems and having it delivered through existing power lines. Now we can also offer all the benefits of solar - reduced utility bills, brand equity — to those businesses who can't install it. We’ve been growing our clean energy platform ever since.

Local experience

We’re a small, dynamic team operating in your local market. We have more than 10 years experience developing, installing and financing energy projects.

Mission driven

We think every business should have access to affordable, reliable clean energy. Not only do we make that possible, we make the process simple and transparent.

Consumer oriented

When was the last time you felt like your utility appreciated your business? Our focus is always customer first, ensuring we earn and continue to retain your trust.

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It helps us to know how much power you use. We make it easy for you to share your recent 12-months of energy usage with us.


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Based on your energy usage, we can show you clean energy pricing for your business, usually within a few days.